Something to Listen To: “High Life” Review


For today’s Something to Listen To, I recommend High Life. The second collaborative album by Brian Eno and Underworld frontman Karl Hyde, High Life finds it’s style in it’s minimalistic nature, with each track focusing on a single repetitive melody from beginning to end, relying on various smaller elements (vocals, extra strings and the like) to keep the songs from overstaying their welcome.

They’re lengthy, too. Some stretching on for close to ten minutes. For me, it works. I never felt like any of the songs wearing thin, though your mileage may vary.

These are all fantastic tracks, melodic and filled with great sounds, with an impressive amount of variety to the sounds, to boot. From the bouncy, up-beat strings of “Lilac”, to the jazzy lounge style of “Time To Waste It”, to the ambient and serene sounds of the album closer “Cells & Bells”. If you can get through the lengthier portions of the tracks themselves, you’ll find plenty to love about this album.

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