Something to Read: “Seconds” Review


I’m a major fan of Bryan Lee O’Maley’s Scott Pilgrim series. Have been since High School. And my interest in the rest of his work O’ Malley’s work led me to the recently released Seconds.

The story in Seconds focus a 29 year old chef named Katie. She’s the former head chef of a restaurant called “seconds” (see what they did there?), and has a restaurant of her very own under construction downtown. She goes through a bad day, and then comes into contact with a mysterious magical girl and a batch of magic mushrooms. Bear with me.

Katie finds out that the mushrooms allow her to rewrite history by fixing her mistakes, and then sets out to not only fix her problems, but perfect her life. Admittedly, the basics of this time-traveling story have been done many times before. But here, it’s a story told really well.

The cast of characters are lovable, the jokes hit more often than they miss, and the message at the end still proved powerful to me. On top of that, the artwork is beautiful. O’Malley’s design and style, combined with the colors of Nathan Fairbarn, create a world worth spending time in for the duration of the book.

Scott Pilgrim fans will feel right at home in Seconds, with a familiar art style and sense of humor. The difference here is that the art, humor and story feel just a little more refined, a little more matured. In several ways, I felt like I was witnessing the next evolution of O’Malley’s artistic expression, and that’s a cool thing to see.

All in all, whether you’re a fan of the author’s previous work, or if you’re just looking for a funny, stylized and emotional graphic novel, I would fully recommend this book.

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