Something to Watch/Listen To: “Opening” by Christopher Willits


Last month, musician Christopher Willits released his multimedia project, Opening. The project consists of an album released on Ghostly International (who I wrote about, just the other day), a series of photographic prints and a 45-minute-long companion film. The latter of which can now be viewed, in it’s entirety, on Willits’ Vimeo page.

Willits describes Opening as “an experience, designed to inspire a space of peace and expansion”. Before I hit play, I was skeptical. I figured that, knowing me, there was no way I was going to be stimulated by something of this nature, for this length, let alone discover a feeling of peace through it.

Boy, was I wrong. Within minutes, I was mesmerized by it’s beautifully captured footage of the flowing water, the shape-shifting clouds and the expansive landscapes, while the soothing uses of bass, synths and guitar strings slowed my heartbeat to a calm, gentle rhythm. Few experiences have come close to calming me down and allowing to relax as much as this digital spa.

So if you feel like treating yourself to a little bit of R&R from the comfort of your couch, I say get comfy, dim the lights and load this one up. Prepare to be entranced.

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