Something to Play: “Octodad: Dadliest Catch”


Okay, so today I’ve come up a little short on brand spanking new things to talk about. So I’m gonna stretch back about a year to tell you about a little gem that I’ve just recently gotten to check out. Allow me to introduce you to Octodad: Dadliest Catch.

An off-shoot of the 2010 indie freeware game OctodadDadliest Catch places you in the role of a father and head of a 1950’s styled nuclear family. There’s only one little twist: you’re an octopus, disguised as a human. You’ve put on a good act so far, but you’re wife is finally starting to get suspicious and a psychotic seafood chef is doing anything he can to expose you for who you are.

The gameplay is built entirely around the concept of moving around without a skeleton. Each tentacle is controlled independently and you have to carefully coordinate their movements to accomplish your goals. You’re often being watched by others, so screw up too much and you’ll tip people off that you’re not human.

Depending on your tastes, you’ll either find the nature of the gameplay a huge amount of fun or extremely frustrating, but’s it’s definitely unique. I found the this clumsiness simulator pretty fun, for the most part. There are some parts of the game (the final level comes to mind,) that require so much precise control of your tentacles that it may take you more than a few tries to get it down.

From a representational perspective, Octodad also shines, again for the most part. The polygons can sometimes come off as a little too low-rez for one’s taste. But’s the art-style looks very pleasant, and the story is both charming and funny. The star of the show, Octodad himself, is excellently animated and his voice actor does a great job of embedding appropriate emotion and subtext in the characters blubbering.

Once you’re done with the story mode (and the two downloadable levels), there’s also support for the Steam Workshop.You can download and play mods, levels and experiments developed by fans. It probably won’t be enough to keep you entertained long-term, but it’s good for an amusing diversion.

So if you haven’t picked up this one already, there are two ways to check this one out. You can download it for PC and Mac from either Steam or the official site. If you want to wait just a little longer, it will also be available for download April 22nd on Playstation 4.

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