The New Schedule (Right Now)


Up until this point, I’ve tried  to release posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. But right now, without going into too much detail, my personal life id changing quite a bit and I’m a lot busier than I used to be. As a result of this, I wasn’t able to come up with a post in time for a Friday release last week. Time for a change.

I’m now limiting posts to a minimum of two a week, coming out every Tuesday and Friday. This will give me a couple of days in between posts to write new ones. If I find the time, you may see me release a post outside of that schedule, but those posts will be in addition to the Tuesday and Friday posts.

Lastly, know that this schedule is in a state of flux right now. I’m experimenting with what works and what I can balance with real life. If I make any further changes, I’ll let you know.

I want to thank you all for reading and coming back week after week. Tomorrow, I’ll be back with thoughts on the touring attraction The Marvel Experience. Not really an indie thing, I know, but I found it very interesting. See you then!

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