What is this site?

Welcome to Ryan Likes Things: a blog where I talk about all sorts of cool stuff that you might not have heard about. The artistic, the independent and the otherwise alternative media. Every post will be categorized as such:

  • Something to Watch: Movies, Shorts, TV Shows, etc.
  • Something to Read: Novels, Graphic Novels, etc.
  • Something to Listen To: Music, albums, record labels, etc.
  • Something to Play: Video Games.

New posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

Who is Ryan?

Hi, I’m Ryan Burch. Like any human being, I’m a complex collection of a personality, several interests, a few hobbies and a dream or two. But for the purposes of this blog, I’m simply a geek who’s fascinated by the world of independent and alternative art. This site provides me a place to share my opinions of said art and hopefully give newcomers a place to start in this jungle that is the indie world.

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