Something to Watch/Listen to: “All I’m Saying” Music Video


If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you may have noticed that I’m a sucker for cool and interesting animated clips. So it’s no surprise, then, that I took a liking to this music video, which just made it onto Vimeo’s Staff Picks. The video is for the song “All I’m Saying” by alternative rock band James, and it’s skillfully animated by Péter Vácz. Take a look!

The tale of a masked man searching for the spirit of his lost love is brought to life in a wonderful way. It’s honestly been a while since I’ve seen stop-motion animation quite like this. The two characters have a cool marionette puppet look, and the video uses ordinary objects in cool ways. Tin foil representing water, light cotton strands used for fog, etc.

Oh, and the song’s really cool, too.

You can find more about the director of this video at, and you can check out the band behind this song at

Something to Watch/Listen To: “Opening” by Christopher Willits


Last month, musician Christopher Willits released his multimedia project, Opening. The project consists of an album released on Ghostly International (who I wrote about, just the other day), a series of photographic prints and a 45-minute-long companion film. The latter of which can now be viewed, in it’s entirety, on Willits’ Vimeo page.

Willits describes Opening as “an experience, designed to inspire a space of peace and expansion”. Before I hit play, I was skeptical. I figured that, knowing me, there was no way I was going to be stimulated by something of this nature, for this length, let alone discover a feeling of peace through it.

Boy, was I wrong. Within minutes, I was mesmerized by it’s beautifully captured footage of the flowing water, the shape-shifting clouds and the expansive landscapes, while the soothing uses of bass, synths and guitar strings slowed my heartbeat to a calm, gentle rhythm. Few experiences have come close to calming me down and allowing to relax as much as this digital spa.

So if you feel like treating yourself to a little bit of R&R from the comfort of your couch, I say get comfy, dim the lights and load this one up. Prepare to be entranced.