Something to Watch: “The Theory of Everything”


Oscar season is well underway and some of the most interesting movies of the year are gracing the screens. Case in point: The Theory of Everything. A biopic about Stephen Hawking? Where do i sign up?

Based on Jane Wilde Hawking’s novel Traveling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen, the James Marsh-directed picture tells the decades-long tale of Stephen (Eddie Redmayne), his relationship with his first wife, Jane Wilde (Felicity Jones), his fight with motor neuron disease and his rise to fame as a theoretical physicist. The film has several fascinating visual sequences that represent Hawking’s thought process. And though the relationships receive the most attention and the science is simplified for us everyday people, It’s still a very well thought out film.

The whole cast gives heartfelt performances throughout, but the single most impressive performance in the movie is Redmayne’s take on Hawking himself. As Hawking’s muscle control slowly deteriorates over the coarse of the film, Redmayne spares no expense in his interpretation. Every muscle in his body is actively at work showing every once of Hawking’s physical struggle, making his path to figuring out how to live with his condition all the more satisfying.

Those who have studied Hawking’s work might not find any new insight in his brilliant mind. But as a piece about love and the will to live conquering the darkest of fates, The Theory of Everything is a well-executed experience. One that’s definitely worth checking out.

By the by, a fun side-note: the theater I went to see this at decided the best coarse of action is to show Intersteller in the screen next door. Imagine this, a very loud movie with lots of rocket ships, right on the other side of the wall from a very quiet movie with lots of talking. Needless to say, that made for a few entertaining moments.

You can find out more about The Theory of Everything by visiting the official site.