Spooky Things: Creature Feature


You know, when it comes to music to listen to on Halloween, my searches haven’t proven to be particularly fruitful. For the most part, my options are limited to cheap compilation CD’s full of second-rate cover songs. That and, of course, “Thriller”. But I have found one band providing unique and clever alternative music formed around the spirit of the holiday. Enter the world of Creature Feature, if you dare!

A collaboration between L.A. composers Curtis RX and Erik X, Creature Feature takes it’s influences from all things creepy. Classic horror movies, terrifying tales of the macabre and even the oddly unnerving music of the carnival. It’s all fair game. A combination of rock and electronic elements help to set the music apart and give it it’s own identity.

It all comes together to paint a very Tim Burton-esque picture of the dark and the paranormal, with a heaping dose of fun tossed in for good measure. The band has released two full-length albums and a couple of singles since their debut in 2007. And people are taking notice. The band has built up a loyal cult following, one that eagerly anticipates each new release.

What more is there to say? Creature Feature is a cool band offering something unique to the music landscape: a supernatural romp that simultaneously sounds pleasantly retro, yet thoroughly modern.  A perfect fit for any Halloween party.

You can check out Creature Feature at their official site, where you can listen to, and purchase, each of their songs. Their music is also available for download on iTunes and Bandcamp.

Something to Watch/Listen To: “Sierra Leone” Music Video


Back in 1983, New Zealand pop/new wave band Coconut Rough hit the scene with a couple of singles. The first of which, “Sierra Leone”, charted at #5 in it’s country of origin just two weeks after release, setting the newly-formed band on a course to popularity. The band split up the very next year. So much for that.

Flash-forward to 2014. Indie rock band Goodshirt has just released a cover of “Sierra Leone” on their SoundCloud page. And newly-formed production company Circle Line Projects has been brought on board to create the song’s accompanying music video. And, boy oh boy, is that video a treat!

Clearly taking inspiration from the vibrant colors and some of the effects from the 1983 original, this video paints the picture of a man struggling to survive in the middle of the dessert. What sets this one apart is it’s use of wonderfully trippy animations and some fun playing-around with aspect ratios. This is definitely one to watch in fullscreen.

You can go listen to the song itself on Goodshirt’s SoundCloud page here, and you can check out Circle Line Projects’ official website here. Enjoy!